Friday, July 29, 2011

The liturgical movement: for good or for ill?
Fr Blake and NLM go back and forth, Fr B putting in a good word for folk Catholicism over the insipid ‘renewal’. Regular readers know I’m pro-liturgical movement, big time. Saying what I would have said in ’62. Considered liberal then and reactionary now. High Mass! Chant! Congregational singing! The laity learning the office! Let’s do some of it in the vernacular sometimes, such as the English texts the Anglo-Catholics came up with, or traditionalism is not about people wanting to speak Latin. Making the Mass and, lest we forget, the office in its several forms (from the actual breviaries, or the horologion for Byzantine Riters such as of course the Orthodox, to translated and simplified versions of them – Winfred Douglas, Collegeville, or for ByzRiters in English, Uniontown – to the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary), central is a valuable reform, based on Catholic doctrine (the Mass and office are the prayer of the church, the public prayer offered for you), but maybe, taken too far, it, like its bastard, the Vatican II ‘renewal’, it can be clericalist to the point of the laity forgetting how to pray.

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