Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miscellaneous photos
Palmyra and Delran, NJ:

My guess is this place is left over from a drive-in whose screen was torn down.

It’s always great to see a piece of real history doing its original job, like the phone booth in this place. I like the convenience of cell phones (a walkie-talkie in case of emergencies) but the sound’s awful so I hardly use the things; the old phones sound better.

Outside what used to be an Army-Navy store on Route 130, now selling mostly new camping gear. Reminds me of the movie Harry’s War.

A naval mine?

Anti-aircraft gun, probably from WWII, and torpedo.

Found and bought this souvenir mirror frame originally from Nepal.

Looks like a little mantel or altarpiece.

In the mirror: mostly liturgical books.

Things that haven’t been seriously revised in about 50 years.

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