Friday, July 08, 2011

On possibly selling the Crystal Cathedral to the Diocese of Orange
Robert Schuller and the rise and fall of the ’50s American dream

There’s a scene in Roger and Me where after Ford fires the Flint autoworkers, it brings in Schuller to give them a chin-up speech. He doesn’t come off too well.

More from GetReligion.

Owen probably would have a bead on this: it’s the mainline when it was bourgeois conservative (but already theologically liberal) right before it switched to bourgeois liberal (Schuller didn’t). People with whom I might have enjoyed campaigning for Goldwater, good politically secular conservatives.

Maybe petit-bourgeois: the mainline looks down on this because it’s ashamed of its past and because Schuller’s drive-in/TV church are considered low-class.

Fulton Sheen was from the same era (the first televangelist?) and I think much of his message was the same, smoothing the way for Catholics to be accepted (by the ’50s they largely already were, which was why Sheen was allowed on the air), but that wasn’t all of his message: he also taught doctrine.

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