Sunday, July 31, 2011

Protestant intramural fight: conservative minister says Christianity’s true and Islam false; a mainliner reacts
Of course a Christian, let alone a minister, would say that! It’s only a problem if you deny a Muslim his – you guessed it – individual liberty, as long as he plays by our do-no-harm rule, which is not uniquely religious. What bemuses Chris Johnson, as I admit it does me (although I don’t blog to pick on the mainline; I try to be a positive Catholic blogger), is when the mainline bends over backwards to excuse practices that the politically correct usually and any decent human being hate. Which, to be fair, sometimes happens to libertarians: defending yucky things in the name of individual rights. When it crosses from the noble cause of defending individual Muslims from actual attacks (which I understand are very rare in this country, to our credit) to relativism actually giving a free pass to harming people because non-Christians and presumably non-whites are doing it, a Litte Anthony & the Imperials hit tune pops into my head with new lyrics: Dhimmi dhimmi coco pop, dhimmi dhimmi bop... Tell it to the Marines, or better still, tell it to the Greeks and other Balkan Orthodox peoples who lived that hell in the Ottoman Empire and commemorate their martyrs the third Sunday after Pentecost (the Greek parish church in the next town has a polished granite monument out front to the martyrs of Pontus in Asia Minor), who, if they cared what the nice PC churchmen thought, I’m sure would tell them to go screw themselves.

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