Thursday, July 21, 2011

You’re right: answers in a couple of good combox threads
Interestingly the thing in common in both answers is WWI
  • Regarding Trifkovic and Larison accusing Archduke Otto of siding with Muslims and globalists over brother traditional apostolic Christians (though a rival one true church), that is, the Orthodox, nomen nescio answered this for me early on: lest we forget, Serbia and Russia proximately caused WWI so, right or wrong, that would explain the should-have-been emperor’s chilly feelings towards them. Or put another way, besides the tsar being his family’s political rival, it was personal, ruining their fortune.
  • JFK wasn’t the 1900s’ worst president; Wilson is a much bigger contender but he didn’t live in the TV age, have Don Draper style or seem to personify the hopes of white ethnics so people don’t worship him. Actually they hardly remember him. He got away with it.

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