Friday, August 19, 2011

Awful TV: ‘Friends with Benefits’
As if ‘Friends’ weren’t bad enough. That damnable show was inspired if you can call it that by Singles, apparently some Hollywood exec trying desperately to tap the youth market 20 years ago. Kurt Cobain said he hated that movie. Catching this dreck I think I understand how he felt. It seems as if somebody my age or older heard that, besides the perennial appeal of sex, apparently the younguns are playing a lot on this thing called the Internet or the Web or something. The relentless, stilted effect is like Two-Beer Wigger: the knowledge of what’s hot online (ooh, Facebook!), like the drunk white guy’s knowledge of black slang, is a few to about 10 years behind the times. I don’t care about being hip and even I know this fails miserably.

It’s ‘Friends’ minus the studio audience (when it’s a filmed stage play really) or the laugh track carried over from radio.

I wonder if the writers really think they’re cool or if they’re being condescending.

I think I get it: people in their 20s are not home watching this; it’s aimed at people at home and their idea of people that age. I guess.

Right. Modelly women. Men-children who talk about Star Wars. Message boards. Got it. Bye. Click.

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