Monday, August 29, 2011

Bachmann does libertarian impression
LRC’s Laurence Vance calls bullshit because she sounds like she doesn’t understand the Constitution so she assumes she’d be a dictator, and she wouldn’t pull America out of foreign wars.

My predictions: some mainstream drone like Romney will get the GOP nomination with a pseudolibertarian Tea Party fave like Bachmann for a running mate as a bone to the populist red-staters (even though it didn’t work with McCain-Palin despite the latter’s sex appeal). Strategy: blaming Obama for the depression but saying ‘diversity’ etc. a lot so people won’t think they’re racists. (I blame Bush as much: blowing the Clinton surplus on needless war and making the mortgage bubble, or houses for people who can’t afford them, under the guise of charity.) But white guilt in the dominant blue states will hand Obama the presidency again unless the depression gets a lot worse but maybe even then. UK: blue conservative and Communist red liberal so there’s well-meant Red Toryism like crunchy conservatism’s orthodox Christian version of SWPLs, people of a certain class with nice tastes and localist dreams but statist assumptions, but US: blue liberal and red conservative as in red meat and red-blooded Americans. Go figure. I’m whatever hue’s good for standing for gridlock and staying home.

Romney would try to please the protty right, little more than lefty bogeymen really, with Jesus talk (hoping they’ll forget his social-liberal voting record) and assure would-be swing voters by doing JFK-style backflips disowning his recently invented, long no longer Christian religion (hoping they’ll remember his social-liberal voting record); they, Unitarians before them, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Oneness Pentecostals aren’t Christians by the way, like Islam has its version of Jesus. I don’t care what religion the president is.

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