Friday, August 26, 2011

Cherokees revoke tribal memberships of descendants of black slaves
The interesting history:
Most Americans these days probably don’t know that several “Native American” tribes allied with the Confederacy during the Civil War. Then again, most of them probably aren’t aware that Injuns also owned slaves, even before Paleface’s ivory-colored toes landed on America’s shores. Most of them also aren’t likely to know that thousands of black freedmen also owned slaves in antebellum America. To be blunt, most Americans these days don’t know much of anything besides what they’re spoon-fed from the boob tube.
As for Taki’s editors’ arguably racist main point, highlighted by lots of demeaning puns for reactionary cred I suppose, whoa. I’m neither entirely on board nor am I trying to score cheap righteousness via politically correct outrage.

There’s a case for an ethnic group defending itself, for a nation naturally as a big family. Why shouldn’t Germans like being German for example? Rather than being turned into Turks? Steve Sailer’s essentially right: on average groups are different, which partly explains different outcomes. Then there’s individual liberty, an advantage of a nation that’s a concept more than an ethnos. Balance them out: be proud to be whatever and promote your culture but your freedom ends where the other fellow’s begins. Do no harm, to person or property. Disparate impact is none of the state’s business, just like it doesn’t owe me a perfectly restored ’60 Buick just because Jay Leno for example can easily afford one since Leno’s a lot more charming and funny so he gets paid accordingly. Among its only jobs are to ensure real equal opportunity: the black man’s liberty. Individual rights, not group rights.

But as a group with some powers the Cherokees have a right to revoke that citizenship it granted in 1863.

Are the Cherokees a country (being a Cherokee is something like a right) or a private club (being a Cherokee is a privilege)?

And reality is, but no race-based laws either way.

BTW of course the Trail of Tears was horrible. The Cherokees succeeded at first by assimilating, with lots of white intermarriage, so outside their tribal membership many Americans whose families have been here longer than 200 years are part Cherokee. (Which gives the Indians a good rebuttal to silly white New Ager ‘wannabes’ who say, ‘Sign me up! I’m an Indian because I love nature! I’m part Cherokee.’) Then the whites wanted their land and kicked them out. Awful.

And speaking of defending one’s own culture, hooray for religious liberty – politically I’m secular and not the drawbridge kind of Catholic – so BBC newsreaders, stop saying ‘PBUH’ (‘peace be upon him’) at every mention of the false prophet Mohammed’s name like craven dhimmi who deserve domination. I don’t ask Hasan the newsreader to bow his head at the Holy Name so fair’s fair: cut it out.

P.S. Did you know that Oral Roberts was a Cherokee?

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