Friday, August 12, 2011

Christine: King and Carpenter
Saw the film in the ’80s; reading the novel only now. Each has its points.

+ The depiction of Arnie’s parents like a warning case study out of Roissy.
+ It’s in Pennsylvania!
+ The last chapters including the showdown and its immediate aftermath. Having Rollie LeBay’s corpse come to life works and of course I like the night-driving scene where the present becomes a transparent veil over a vivid past made present.
- He admits he didn’t know anything about the car, which shows up in the book. He says he wrote it then picked a cool-sounding name from the period afterwards, not bothering with the details. But I still like his idea: a big, beautiful late-’50s car, something without a cult around it, that hasn’t been done/camped/kitsched to death like the boxy ’57 Chevy.
+ The assembly-line scene in the beginning: so the mysteriously evil car possessed LeBay, not the other way round.
+ ‘OK. Show me.’
+ You don’t need LeBay’s corpse to make it work much of the time, and Carpenter pulls it off.
+ More or less gets the car right of course.
- Had to destroy a few ’58 Plymouths to make this.
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