Thursday, August 25, 2011

Common sense is not uniform
The Canadians finally get it right, righting an over 40-year-old wrong, by returning their armed services to their distinctive British names, uniforms and other traditions, but the US since George W. Bush has had soldiers clomping around in combat boots and BDUs (desert-camo fatigues) even when not in combat, in this country (he thought it was appropriately warlike or something), and the Navy got rid of the traditional sailor suit, again, and has sailors dressed like wannabe Marines (work fatigues). (It did right by the officers by bringing back the WWII khaki uniform – here’s the JCS chairman now – so what gives?) Way to boost morale. Not. As the Canadians found out. Again: anti-war, not anti-military, and for strong self-defence forces with spiffy uniforms.

Photo: Sailors from the sub Carbonero (fish names sound cooler en español), circa 1945.

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