Monday, August 29, 2011

The death of America’s God
Something to chew on from Hauerwas via Thomas Richter, who’s done the homework

Easy for me to say I don’t think America’s the church because I already have a church and not a Protestant one. But drawbridge distributist Catholics, social-democrat ones and the religious left would say I do since I listen to Mises (who didn’t like Christianity; who says I’m closed-minded?), Rothbard and Paul (‘two Jews and a casual Protestant walk into a bar’) and not the Pope on economic opinion so I’m just Randian selfish. (I agree with Vatican II on religious liberty and ecumenism – the rift with the SSPX is Not About Latin™ – so the SSPX would write me off.) No, libertarianism ≠ Randian weirdness and it’s about mutual respect (the golden rule as a thou-shalt-not, the nonaggression or do-no-harm principle), not selfishness, without necessarily giving up Catholic truth claims. The Pope covers the ends – mercy and justice – not the means, like he doesn’t define doctrine on physics.

By the way, how to reconcile with the SSPX (who aren’t perfect but have done much good): the society concedes on religious liberty and ecumenism rightly understood (‘according to tradition’ not indifferentism/relativism) and Rome admits the Novus Ordo was a mistake. Not heretical. A mistake. Rome can do that.

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