Friday, August 26, 2011

Escape to Camelot

Charles Coulombe at Taki writes appreciatively of ‘Mad Men’ and its two copycats, noting the irony of how they’re presented versus their real appeal:

These two series push the fact that their characters changed America, implying that we owe today’s perfection to them. But if they succeed, it will not be their alleged relevance that captures audiences, but the same retro factors that have made “Mad Men” so popular.
Some good criticism. The winking at the audience – condescension about the period; people are nostalgic in spite of it (Peggy’s supposed to be the heroine but people love Don and Joan) – is a problem; I don’t see or hear obvious anachronisms such as the post-’80s middle-class white-girl accent (‘Like?’).

By the way I don’t hear ‘Oh, yeah, “Mad Men”’ about my clothes etc. (Possibly because, though a hit, relatively few people watch it; it’s for people with premium TV.) Usually it’s ‘Eliot Ness, “The Untouchables”’ (off by a lot of years but in the ballpark – sure, noir cops) or ‘like an old movie’ or, from people who remember, just ‘nice’. Thanks. It’s mid-century, from a little before the war till it all came crashing down at the end of the ’60s. Late-’50s tie and hat-brim widths look best on my frame so here they are.

The other dress fedoras I see are usually on Sundays, on black gentlemen from the period.

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