Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Extremes in cat behaviour

Doing what they do best: napping. They sleep an average of 13-18 hours a day so you’d think they’d always be mellow. No. (As Cracked puts it, why are they such d*cks?)

Mama cat blissed out on all the oxytocin in her system from recently giving birth ... raises her natural prey. Cuteness overload.

Going psycho at the vet’s happens a lot. Smart thinking, using the net. Brave vet. Poor Taz!

The story is she just hates men. Nobody knows why. She’s never been abused.

Old news. How I’d re-enact/dub it:
Newsreader: Over chew you, Kathleen!
Cat: (Appropriate and fair warning sound, a sort of growling meow, with stiffening posture.) Grrrrrrrrrrrmrrouuuuuuw...
Reporter: (Shakeshakeshakes the growling cat, who’s a time-bomb by now.) We’re having a great time! Obviously I’ve never held a cat before!
(With a battle cry, cat grips dopey woman’s face with her front paws, claws out. Dopey woman finally pays attention to what cat’s been trying to tell her and lets her go. Maybe the reporter has some claw marks on her cheeks. I know this was really dangerous – the cat could have clawed her eyes – but sorry, it’s still funny because this chick had ample warning.)
Reporter: (Sob, blub) N-nobody told me cats have c-claws!
Becky the cat had been shot with a BB gun, losing her tail and the full use of one leg, so she was understandably wary of clueless strangers.

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