Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Final Countdown

A 104-minute Navy recruiting commercial from 30 years ago with ‘Twilight Zone’ science fiction – time travel – thrown in so it’s like The Philadelphia Experiment, an action/adventure flick that’s a trip to the ’40s. Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen being cool, Charles Durning (a Battle of the Bulge execution survivor in real life) being endearingly cranky and Katharine Ross being beautiful.

Yes, I believe the war was preventable but get some popcorn and watch some good old-fashioned American heroes.

This obviously was amazing on the big screen.

By the way F-14s are actually very loud. I’ve heard them fly overhead.

Spoilers: Sheen’s character mentions the grandfather paradox; the whole point of the incident – a myth about the invention of the Nimitz – brings up, in time travel, the seeming theological impossibility (other than God the Son being in heaven and on earth at the same time, and saints bilocating) of one being in the same dimension in more than one place at a time, or can you meet yourself in another time? (‘Dimensions’: states of being, which can overlap the same space but are normally invisible to each other. Earth, heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo and the aerial plane where the particular judgement right after death happens, God’s courtroom.)

But sure, one night on the south Jersey highways I’d like to gun it in a vintage car and suddenly drive back about 50 years. (Returning? I’ll think about that problem if it happens.) That is, if the big traffic cop in the sky doesn’t mind.

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