Monday, August 22, 2011

From Steve Sailer
  • The end of WWII. I don’t think the Soviets were a factor with Japan. I still say no nuking cities, on principle. The Pacific war was avoidable but once in it, you had the super-successful submarine war (Run Silent, Run Deep) blockading the country. That and they should have let the Japanese know that unconditional surrender was no longer required (they could keep the emperor, which actually happened). Result: surrender and no Operation Olympic killing thousands of Americans.
  • Bonus: beautiful film of NYC on the day. Sailer mentions what the documentary doesn’t: giving away half of Catholic Europe including Poland, the excuse for the war, at Yalta. During the last weeks of the war in Europe, everybody in Germany with half a brain (e.g., Wernher von Braun) had been climbing in their Mercedes and driving west as fast as they could to surrender to Americans or Brits rather than to the Soviets.
  • Reason not to love the Japanese: Shortly after the emperor had broadcast the news of defeat, more than 50 American prisoners at the Osaka secret police headquarters were beheaded by vengeful Japanese soldiers.
  • You have to be pretty well indoctrinated to be revolted by your country’s flag on the 50th anniversary of your victory over Hitler.
  • The FDNY and disparate impact.
  • Finally, two musical tributes to those who came back and those who didn’t.

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