Friday, August 19, 2011

From Steve Sailer
  • I’m sometimes told, “Look, everybody knows that what you say is right and they all operate on that knowledge. They just don’t want to be impolite and mention it in public.” And I think that’s true to a large extent for personal decisions like where to buy a home and where to send the kids to school. Like the Armenians putting spiked fences around their houses in LA. But, I don’t see much evidence that private awareness impacts public policy. To have sensible public policies, you need open discussion of how the world works. I have only two objections: sometimes it has to be said but harping on it is rude and I don’t agree with his main point, trying to deny anyone, including people he doesn’t like, the right to travel/move/have a chance even if they’re likely to fail.
  • Affirmative action always peters out at some point. There’s affirmative action all the way up the line through education ... until research proposals are submitted to the NIH. “Moreover, the applications from black scientists tended to receive poorer scores than those from whites, resulting in bleaker chances of getting funded.” Seriously, that’s how normal probability distributions (a.k.a., bell curves) work. But, you aren’t supposed to understand bell curves. Being stupid about probability distributions shows your heart is pure. There’s the noble cause (not sarcastic) of defending the black man’s (non-Asian minorities’) individual liberty and then there’s explaining likely outcomes, which Sailer dares to do, which no government program can fix and is none of its business. Something else that even fewer people understand is how diversity programs steal from other diversity programs. What this kind of brouhaha ends up being about is providing a few easy jobs for members of the protesting group. Patients will die a little earlier on average in the future than they would have without the new Diversity Programs, but not so much that anybody will notice. For the new Chief Diversity Officers and others involved, it’s a living. But, this kind of thing adds up. Cumulatively, it takes a sizable toll on the country. As I’ve said many times, if Obama wants to stimulate the economy by removing a long-term impediment and boost his chances of winning re-election (you, I and I think Sailer know he’s got no worries about not being re-elected and why), he could declare victory in the War on Discrimination and call the federal troops home. But, you’ll notice, nobody else is pointing that out. It’s simply not on the conceptual radar.
  • Again a government scheme – not the market – ostensibly for the noble cause. But: Seriously, isn’t it weird how the entire concept of putting cheap foreign labor programs like this on hiatus until the unemployment rate among Americans drops just never even occurs to anyone in positions of power or influence? To question the continuance of this program during an economic slump would be to question Diversity, and Diversity is unquestionable.
  • While senior British police officers openly resent that move, analysts of gang culture say it seems logical to seek American assistance, because today’s British gangs consciously ape American gang ambitions and style, from the bling to the lingo. America’s the cool country but... better in both places 50 years ago when, as they used to say about that the Krays, the soccer thugs ‘only done their own’. Don Vito? Like the real version, Angelo Bruno here in Philly back in the day, you left him in peace, he left you in peace. Scarface is stupid (I don’ even speak Espanish. I joos’ have this bad imitation accent, joo know?) and the obvious point is it’s a morality play (crime doesn’t pay) without the family/ethnic thing that makes The Godfather so compelling. It has been well said that for the top third to flourish the bottom two-thirds must be gently helped to fail. The routes for a clever working-class lad to better jobs have been all but closed off. The jobs have been handed to the daughters of the middle class instead. But: When I lived in England, plenty of clever working-class lads made a fortune from plumbing and remodeling my home; all “cash only, guv.”
  • Tough guys vs niceology. You can argue that the latter – political correctness, white-knightism (which of course comes in a conservative Christian version, pedestals and all that), betatude like all modern liberalism – is a Christian heresy (charity derailed, or the road to hell and all that), a wussy ripoff of the church. No wonder men don’t go to the Novus Ordo or mainline much.

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