Thursday, August 18, 2011

From venuleius
  • America’s Polonias.
  • Someone you and I both know in the OCA who comes from one of the venerable “OCA families” once remarked to me that the OCA was more like the Orthodoxy you find in Russia while ROCOR was basically the final outpost for a 19th C. Kievan Orthodoxy that would look alien to almost anyone in Russia except a monk. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, but it was an interesting observation. As Owen has said, Orthodoxy in the old countries is more like the traditional Roman Catholic Church here than the tiny ethnic enclaves and convert boutiques of American Orthodoxy.
  • The east wing of purgatory. There’s Roman Riters’ longstanding popular piety and then there’s actual Catholic doctrine. Without an intermediate state, prayer for the dead would make no sense.
  • Despite the fact that I believe these proposals constitute political posturing more than concrete measures aimed at preventing child sexual abuse, I have little doubt that if these proposals pass into law, bolder experiments in suppressing the Church via secular legislation will be forthcoming. For years Catholics have believed that the warnings issuing from the conservative wings of the Church concerning a coming clash been the secular world and the Catholic Faith were reactionary rhetoric. There are many Catholics who believe that Vatican II solved the problem of the Faith and modernity. What they fail to realize is that it has made Catholicism particularly susceptible to incursions from secularism from within and direct assaults from atheistic governments from without.

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