Monday, August 29, 2011

Funny Hurricane Irene tweets
From the HuffPo

Nah, I like Irene Cara. I don’t like wasting my Saturday on a storm scare meaningless if you’re well enough inland as Philly is even though it’s a port. Scared Chris, H, Smitty and the other guys into closing the bowling alley for the weekend. Thanks a lot, government and media.
Convinced #Irene was a marketing stunt created by the canned-beans people.

FEMA has opened up a little brunch spot in DUMBO Brooklyn. The omelettes are pretty basic but not complaining!
I don’t know yuppie/bobo Brooklyn, only Russian Brooklyn (where I first got Georgian wine, from a Georgian merchant whose Russian was hard to understand) and the Italian one in Donna’s family photos from the ’40s. Like the Little Havanas etc. today, another Latin people in another time, with shop signs and labels in the other language (pasticceria, caffe). I know a second-generation fellow from then and there who can still speak it. Associazione San Cono.
Like many young women before her, Irene came to NYC hoping to be as big as she was back in Carolina, only to be ridiculed by the locals.

There are literally dudes calmly strolling in short-sleeve shirts in the background while a CNN anchor mimes out a dramatic wind struggle.

Walked the dog, despite FEMA/city warnings. There are at least 34 mushy leaves on the sidewalk. A spitting rain dampened my t-shirt.

I have no idea what I am going to do with all my emergency smoked fish now.

I didn’t even get halfway through my emergency beer stash.

I totally got blown out in my Fantasy Hurricane League.

If the Weather Channel loses any more credibility it will be Fox.

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