Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Hope Automobile Show
This year’s stars: 1957-60 Eldorados and DeSotos

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I’ve heard these called both bullets and Dagmars.

I didn’t see any ’57 or ’58 Plymouths (I understand they’re rare) but this ’60 DeSoto (also rare?) sports the Christine look (but in this case original?).

People like me are nostalgic but of course these were in many ways concept cars, 1960 imagining that 2011 for example would be more of the new Space Age. (So you had the Jetsony fin craze.) An example are these push-button gear shifts on the dash.

At first I thought the red ’60 was an Imperial, as DeSotos and Plymouths were from Chrysler so they all looked similar in those years.

A ’60 Imperial.

’59 DeSoto. Same cream and gold as the real ’58 Furies. Got to talk to this beauty’s only owner (50+ years), Angelo, of Greek descent. He had school-dance and Army pictures and told me it’s hard to back up in such a big car, getting harder as you get older. But worth it.

One of the last Packards.

’58 Impala.

’59 Buick like the ’60 Invicta I want to buy.

This nice early-’20s number looks like somebody converted a sled using three bicycles or ordered this as a kit from the Sears catalogue (you could once order a kit to build a house). Same idea as taking a lawnmower engine and building a go-kart. (Locally I’ve seen two bicycles with such engines.)

Probably repro gas-ration stickers; real impressive inspection sticker.

’52 Olds. The early ’50s gradually streamlined the fine ’40s look.

Of course styles didn’t change much right after the war (WWII) because production stopped for a few years during.

Of course they weren’t all cool. A Studebaker Lark.

St Martin of Tours, New Hope.

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