Saturday, August 13, 2011

Can Orthodoxy, without a central high command so it runs almost entirely on local received tradition and historically is admirably conservative that way (no Vatican II, and arguably one would be impossible there), survive modernity’s attack on morals? (IOW will ethnic Eastern Catholicism without the Pope turn out to be only ethnic Eastern liturgical Protestantism?) venuleius doesn’t think so. (IOW he says yes.) After all a lot of them have sold out on contraception but still sound cautious and conservative about it like ’50s mainliners. (But I don’t see the yiayias and babas buying it. Hooray for Yiayia.) Of course many readers know that many Roman Catholics have caved too, throwing out orthodoxy and traditional liturgy as well. (But the magisterium didn’t.) BTW you’d think the difference on divorce and remarriage would be a deal-breaker but historically it wasn’t (I think it’s older than the split). The Orthodox way doesn’t make sense but practically was understandable (for the wronged party’s survival) and I just don’t see modern serial marriages and yiayia culture mixing.

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