Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pax Obamana
Could it be that when Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama leaves office that the defining image of his presidency will have been his use of unmanned drone aircraft and military death squads to achieve the will of the Empire?
No, even though he deserves that (unlike the presidency or the Nobel), because unless the sh*t hits the fan big time, unless lots of now affluent whites end up homeless in the depression and/or their kids get drafted to go to war overseas like Vietnam, and/or to enforce martial law here, white guilt will keep patting him on the back and ignoring what he says or does, because voting for him is all about making some whites feel good. Or when you’re not identified with the Wrong Kind of White People you can get away with murder.

My standard disclaimer: I’m not a pacifist nor anti-military. Drone planes like any weapon can be abused but if you’re fighting a real enemy, somebody who wants to take over your town and hurt you and your family, they’re wonderful militarily.

From Daniel Nichols.

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