Monday, August 29, 2011

Relationships: love’s not enough
The real implied ending of Say Anything is Blue Valentine. I’ve seen neither film but did read Roissy on the latter. Cracked agrees with him here:
Lloyd has no true ambition in life other than being with Diane, and he treats her well.

Well, twenty-one years later director, Derek Cianfrance explored similar themes with his ultra-depressing and ultimately half-baked movie.

Dean (Gosling) is a slightly older, simple, lower middle-class guy who doesn’t care about anything other than being with Cindy (Williams). She is a motivated high-school student who wants to be a doctor. When problems arise – in the form of her dbag boyfriend knocking her up – she turns to Gosling for help. He agrees to marry her and even raise the other guy’s kid. Like Lloyd Dobler, he has no ambitions other than being with his girl, and like Lloyd he is a genuinely good man.

And guess what? It’s just not enough. Cindy grows to resent him.

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