Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 in brief
  • The chickens came home to roost. Our bad policies – taking the wrong side in Palestine, intervening around the world with soldiers in foreign countries and interfering in/overthrowing governments – made much of the Mideast not love the American empire, exactly what I thought when I heard the crash wasn’t an accident. This isn’t multi-culti relativism/cowardice; it’s common sense. When the left point this out, they’re correct. I was already reading LRC so I knew. Stay out of it abroad and bring the boys home.
  • While the left have a point, including the liberal churches on not hating our enemies too much, the right (the flyover-country folk the left make fun of) have one about justice. Marque and reprisal: no matter your cause, murder thousands of our people, on our turf, and we’ll get you. I’m not a pacifist.
  • Invading countries nothing to do with the problems that caused the attacks or with the attacks – instead of fixing the problems – is stupid. If anything it’s like pouring gasoline on a fire: make more enemies in that part of the world for no reason.
  • This is not a liturgical commemoration.
  • Hooray for America’s peace officers such as the FDNY.
  • Good for us: there’s been very little backlash against America’s Muslim minority. Probably because unlike Europe there aren’t that many.
  • Airport security is largely government theatre but to be fair, smart terrorists would recruit people who don’t look obvious, like WASPs, since 9/11 has blown Arabs’ cover/our assumption of goodwill. So I see its point. Besides defending Arabs’ individual liberty, profiling just wouldn’t work any more. (So Juan Williams sounded foolish about that.) But again, rather than government power trips in the form of groping passengers, fix the real problems. Nobody except Ron Paul is proposing to! The founding fathers: trade with all; entanglement with none. A patriotic message I dare say you won’t hear in the maudlin, flag-waving ad nauseam coverage today.
  • Been trying to get this peace message out through this blog since a year after it happened.
  • May the many innocent rest in peace.

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