Sunday, September 18, 2011

Banana Republic’s ‘Mad Men’ collection: Thanks but...
I don’t think they’re making fun of it; maybe their heart’s in the right place. It’s a try and, better still, maybe it’s responding to demand for it.

But the real stuff is so much better and doesn’t cost too much if you know where to look. Hate to sound snobbish but a cheap stingy-brim ‘fedora’ young men get at Target or this place is not as good as the 60-year-old Creighton I wear most often and, like most of my hats, got at its original dollar price. And unlike fragile, expensive new big-brand felt hats I’m not afraid to wear my sturdy vintage ones in ordinary bad weather; of course having an umbrella helps. The only newly made one I use is a straw one. I have some felt stingies from the early ’60s.

Milan-weave Biltmore. Looks Italian or Cuban but made in Canada about 55 years ago.

They did a better job with the dresses but the material looks polyester as does some of the men’s stuff (such as their version of my trench coat). Nice ties and money clip though.

Keep at it. It has a chance of coming back.

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