Saturday, September 24, 2011

Binks’ case for bottled water
I know whining about the swipples isn’t cool (that bitterness is easy for them to laugh off) but these are good points
Bottled Water Free Day was March 11, 2011; (good old swippler-than-thou Canada). And we missed it. Shucky-darn.

So yer clever and uppity busybody inbred-city-types (and their idiot rural in-laws, and all the obedient eco-issue clones) keep coming up with teh newfangled stupid, because (1) big reliable operational cities & modern systems are the only real, and (2) said smarter-than are SO much smarter than more realistic types, because of their goormay coffees, and ironical chatter, and fancy experiences.

What was one of the first things off the trucks after Hurricane Katrina? Cool, clear water – 200,000 cases in the first weeks. In those ubiquitous & hand-sized plastic bottles, full of liquefied dihydrogen monoxide, H2O, sweet, sweeet Adam’s Ale.

Stick this in your craw, eco-flaky city-twerps: bottled water saves lives. Yes, even the dreaded plastic water-bottles of horror. What – you wanted poor blacks to die of dehydration?

Imagine... just for one moment.. your water system fails. Or gets polluted.. or attacked... or hit by a storm. What’s that? You need to refill it, you say? Here’s a plastic water bottle, of fresh, clean, unpolluted water... Oh, wait. Didn’t you and your ilk locally ban those last year? You are welcome to clutch your little aluminum water-container as hard as you wish, it will not pour forth water for you. Same for your Brita. Try the ditch, or the pond, or the lake. Word has it you can even drink your urine once or twice through. Best of luck, then.

Every rural dweller knows: water can’t be taken for granted. Many homes have wells, water coolers, filters & softeners, downspout barrels, and even bottled water big and small, Just In Case. Some communities have dodgy water systems. Everywhere can get storms, power-failures, and other short- or long-term emergencies. Every time a big storm threatens here, we grab an extra refill for the water-cooler.

It goes without saying that bottled water should be tested, clean, safe, and all that good stuff. Selling unhealthy water is evil, and bad business.

Time is long-past when micro-minded urbanites (and their idiot rural in-laws) should be dictating & banning and nagging based on the assumption that we’ll always have working & safe giant urban water systems. This is a kind of blindness, as if They (The Nanny-State) have made things so safe and predictable that the proposed general banning of the convenient mass-production of bottled water in plastic water bottles is a mere afterthought.

Because sometime, sooner or later, Just In Case comes along.

This message not brought to you by The Bottled Water
Über Alles Global Syndicate, a.k.a. Big Water.
I don’t buy bottled water but am obviously not on a crusade against it.

Bonus: the Catholic view on the nonissue of evolution.
The alternatives are not and were never ‘science’ versus ‘religion’; nor God against evolution. If God makes things, surely it is in a somewhat more complicated way than an engineer makes a design, or a factory makes a car. That stuff tends upwards, that life tends to work really really well, that there are so many and various forms of life now, and in the fossil record? Neither a ‘proof’ of Darwinism, nor a simplistic creationism where God winds stuff up at the beginning and lets it race around with no further influence.

If God exists, then the relation of divine activity to the universe of created objects might be more like a singer and a song; or a face and a mirror; or a painter and his paintings – except the singer is living in the song as it is being sung, and as the notes also each sing themselves. It’s both-and, since (if he exists) God is not a creature, but the creator. Nor is his relation to individual elements or living beings in creation that of an inventor to a car. Sorry. more analogies just there.

That makes more sense to me than self-inventing whales.

The Binks is not in the pocket of Big Evolution, or Big Intelligent Design. He just likes spouting off in general. I fully and cheerfully confess to being in-pocketed by Big Jesus.

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