Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Canadian Ukrainian Catholic for WO?!
Господи, помилуй. Eew. That’s what I was talking about. Two of my talking points:
  • Greek Catholic: Eastern Novus Ordo. I don’t want to see the mighty Russian Orthodox Church reduced to this even though I hate their anti-Westernism. The first Ukrainian Catholics I knew, WWII exiles and their families, weren’t like this. More like two-thirds Russian Orthodox, but they didn’t identify with the Orthodox at all, and one-third Tridentine.
  • This stuff only affects Catholics living in Protestant countries. It doesn’t come from the heart of the church.
Again there are lots of Bad Catholics who don’t agree with the church, don’t know better or don’t care. I dare say, outside the hothouse convert cult, that’s most American Orthodox and certainly most nominal Roman Catholics. But they don’t set up Web pages demanding the church change. They know it can’t.

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