Sunday, September 11, 2011

The case for the eastward celebrant

An anecdote via Fr Z. When the mainstream Novus Ordo priest decided his showtime (how he’d been unconsciously regarding Mass) was over and it was time to pray together (devotionally), he naturally, instinctively faced the same direction as the congregation (‘back to the people’).

Photo: Catholicism unplugged, or as much as I love past styles (including the good kind of modern, early 1900s, built to serve the old religion) you shouldn’t fake them to force them into a different kind of space. At a Benedictine monastery in Connecticut. A weekday Mass commemorating martyrs. From here.

The altar is about the same dimensions as a traditional Orthodox one with the concelebrant doing about what an Orthodox one would (no coincidence: the legit liturgical movement these priests probably studied was interested in Eastern rites), but the church is too austere for me or for Orthodoxy.

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