Saturday, September 17, 2011

Damian Thompson on the English Defence League and on the Irish mess
The voice of the white working class isn’t Nazi nor really racist. A few points:
  • Why shouldn’t the English like being English?
  • It’s very much a class war, sometimes by proxy, the rich lefty snobs (the problems of undesirables immigrating don’t affect them) using the nonwhites/Muslims as human shields trying to exterminate the whites they don’t like.
  • Individual liberty, yes, but you don’t want to live in a Muslim country. A false religion and irrational as the Pope said at Regensburg five years ago today.
  • The church shot itself in the foot in Ireland, speeding up the Irish turning secular like much of the rest of Europe. But Irish religion is cyclical (they weren’t devout in 1800) and they won’t join a dead Protestant church, let alone their old enemy’s. Bad Catholics don’t start or join fake churches; they quietly drop out.

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