Sunday, September 11, 2011

From Steve Sailer
  • The latest crisis besetting affluent white women. There is no glass ceiling. Men stick around longer at companies because they like the rat race/high-paying macho jobs better so they get promoted higher. Women don’t generally love working in the macho atmospheres found higher up, but a lot of them do fall in love with individual macho executives, whom they often marry. And then they tend to downsize their own careers (since their husbands make so much money) to concentrate on helicopter mothering their children. I can’t say that I’m terribly outraged by any of this.
  • 10+ years ago profiling Arabs at airports would have worked. I didn’t know this: to cadge votes for a colleague locally, under the noble cause (I’m not being sarcastic) of minorities’ liberty Bush dropped it. You still must protect that liberty but sometimes profiling is just good police work. Probably too late to profile Arabs at airports now. The terrorists, if they’re still out there, aren’t stupid. If you’re going to hijack another plane send a John Walker Lindh or Jihad Jane under deep cover, not Akhmed from Riyadh. One more time: the answer is neither PC mewlings against our host culture (as if these dweebs would like living under Muslims better) nor Binks’ blaming the ragheads but stay out of it abroad (you’re big boys, Israel; you’re on your own) and bring our boys home.
  • A 1950s invention: the cargo container.

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