Sunday, September 25, 2011

I love it and not just for the women
  • No direct copying of ‘Mad Men’, unlike ‘The Playboy Club’ (which I don’t dislike), which puts three close copies of ‘Mad Men’ characters, Don, Joan and a prettier Peggy (since it’s Playboy), in a ‘Crime Story’ story.
  • ‘Mad Men’ raised the bar for period detail and this more or less reaches it.
  • One criticism I read somewhere: most airline pilots back then were WWII vets, too old for the soapy stories here but that’s OK; it’s a show.
  • Blond captain: either borrow my Murray’s pomade or get a haircut, you beatnik.
  • The computer-drawn 707 is goosebump-raising realistic.
  • I don’t understand all the buzz about Christina Ricci. They’re all beautiful but she’s the least so and I don’t like that Maggie’s a beatnik but hey, they existed.
  • Margot Robbie, the most modelly stunning of the four, was born in 1990. I get it. I’m old now. And this Aussie does a perfect American accent.
  • The pilot’s uniform looks a lot like a Navy officer’s blues.
  • So far, so good on little PC sermonizing. Just style, sex and soap storytelling (it has that genre in common with ‘Mad Men’ without ripping off characters and storylines); good unironic nostalgia.

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