Thursday, September 22, 2011

Motivational from James Altucher
Prepare better than the next person. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than everyone else. Read a little bit more. Clean that extra thread hanging off your pants. Doing the right amount of due diligence before an investment. Repeating that 10 times over for 10 different investments even though nothing has come thru yet. Writing the best post you can before you hit publish. Sending those first few emails to flirt, to entice, and then confirm a first date. Practicing the Daily Practice.

The outcomes are all uncertain. Life hasn’t changed just yet. You can be anxious for the outcome. Or you can relish the moment, knowing the preparation is in place. You’ve done all you can. Good things will happen.

You can say “live life as if its your last moment before you die.” But there’s also “live life as if it’s the last moment before you really come alive.”
Take with two grains of salt and the teachings of the church to counter any narcissism and thus deal better with suffering (a limited dose of bootstraps, ‘go get ’em, tiger’, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller’s optimism from 50 years ago, not the whole thing as a substitute gospel... a lot of it is the good old northern-European Protestant work ethic) and it’s not too bad. My parents liked this sort of thing and as I get older I see their point.

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