Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Steve Sailer moment today
Can’t use names or links (I’ll bet the story’s not unique) but...

A story with two parts: a school district seems to have wronged blacks, who on average lower its test scores, by pushing them into special ed from the get-go (so they won’t take the tests or be counted so they won’t queer the average), denying their liberty. But the achievement gap is: on average they score far lower on the SATs. The white kids score about as high as British, Canadian and Australian white kids in equivalent tests, and the Asian kids excel like you expect. Saw some PC censorship today: a sentence that first cut the crap and just said ‘the kids scored low’, like any civilized person would say, was doctored, probably by some nice white person, given the fog of pomposity so it later seemed to say (I think; it was so hard to follow) ‘the district’s low scores for these kids’ (mistakes were made; I did not have sex with that woman), as if the district fudged their scores. Bad, bad district! Now if it really thought it could fake scores and get away with it, it wouldn’t have pulled the special-ed crap and would have handed out high or average scores, right? And isn’t rhetorically denying the kids some responsibility for their low scores a bit condescending, dare I say racist?

‘On average’ isn’t racist (it’s numbers). The special-ed game is.

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