Friday, September 30, 2011

Norristown: what happened?
Spent a couple of days there this week starting to learn a new page-making system, which is great. Almost as good as outsourcing it: once you get the hang of it, any monkey can make pages. Frees me up to edit and to drive around making videos, then mix and publish them online from the nearest library. I think within a couple of years print will go away anyway.

Anyway, in ways I like the place. It’s an old city; architecture from 75, 100, 150+ years ago. Walking around in my gear I felt at home. The newspaper’s building where I was (with framed front pages such as ‘Japs Take Corregidor’, ‘Germany Gives Up!’ and on the moon landing), the courthouse, Holy Saviour Italian parish on Main Street where the Tridentine Mass is, the Catholic Shop run by the Peffleys... and the Mexican culture.

But I know it’s mostly a slum.

So what went wrong?

Somewhere between that and a gentrified little town county seat like Media is a happy medium of a real, liveable city again.

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