Thursday, September 08, 2011

Nothing to commemorate
Derb at Taki thinks 9/11 celebrations are wrongheaded and rather like pretending Dunkirk was a victory. He also draws the wrong conclusion from 9/11. The lesson is not to try to invade the world, not overthrow and replace foreign governments, and not take the Israelis’ side, not to stop towelheads (as he’d probably call them) individually from coming in. I think the parades etc. are misguided because they’re self-congratulatory to try to feel better (dealing with shame as Derb says), seeming to celebrate the bad policies that caused it (the chickens coming home to roost). When your country makes mistakes that get its people killed, Lee Greenwood’s song’s not the answer. If Islam’s (Allah the irrational, or you don’t want to live in a Muslim country) really incompatible with liberty that’s another matter. (Red herring: ‘the towelheads hate our freedom’.) Not related to what happened. Individual immigrants still have individual liberty.
A better approach would be first to avenge the insult, then to pass over anniversaries of it in grim silence.
Here I agree with the conservatives and with Ron Paul: no matter the motive (like I don’t count thoughtcrimes), if you murder nearly 3,000 of our people on our turf, we’ll get you. Marque and reprisal, literal police actions to get the surviving perps. Not invade a secular country nothing to do with the attacks!

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