Sunday, September 18, 2011

Old news: mainstream rubbishes Paul; embarrassing Tea Party reaction doesn’t help

From Mark in Spokane, who like a lot of well-meaning Christians thinks libertarianism is selfish. Actually the Yahoo! News story Mark links to gives a balanced version of what happened, including Ron Paul’s reaction to the reaction; Mark’s post doesn’t. Of course Ron Paul doesn’t want people to die: he’s a doctor! (And pro-life.) All we’re saying is it’s not the state’s job. Mark says libertarianism’s big on rights but not duties; Ron Paul says it’s about responsibility.

Facts any adult knows: ‘That's what freedom is all about, taking your own risks’ and most people don’t care about you.

People make bad choices and die from them; not the same as wishing them dead. Giving the state power to steal your money doesn’t change that, wrongs you and hurts you in the long run (you’ve forfeited your rights).

The state doesn’t care about you.

Its goal is not charity but to squash you.

What strikes me about the shouts of ‘Yeah!’ to letting the hypothetical feckless young man die is there were so few of them. As there should have been. The way the mainstream’s been playing this (the Jay Leno punchline version), you’d think Paul said ‘I want him dead’ and a crowd cheered.

Mark later posts an NRO link quoting Roderick Long that, intentionally or not, gives libertarians a good debating tactic to answer such questions and not fall into this trap.

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