Monday, September 05, 2011



Saturday in Lambertville, NJ: New Hope’s less touristy sister across the Delaware and a flea-market/fleatiquing (my thing but more vintage – 50-70 years ago – than antiques – 100+)/antiques mecca. There was some evidence of Hurricane Irene. Part of River Road was washed out south of the Golden Nugget flea market so we got there late, and in town in front of one house were a rusted-out boom box and stacks of soggy magazines.

It’s essentially some spillover right across the bridge from New Hope (shops and restaurants), then the real town behind it, more so than the other town and not as rich. You can eat well and affordably there for example (shout-out to Giuseppe’s).

My Golden Nugget find: ’50s safety razor for two-edged blades, bought from Russians who had WWII memorabilia.

St John the Evangelist Church.

In my life church hasn’t really been revised in about 50 years but there are changes I don’t mind. I like the holy-water font as a fountain – artistic and creative – but wonder about the practicalities, like real holy water would have to be in a closed system regularly refilled and a drain would have to go directly into the ground, like from the sacrarium.

This is actually First Baptist Church across Bridge Street from the Catholic church. Fine Romanesque architecture I prefer. In the 19th century it was actually thought less Catholic!

Sunday: dialogue Sung Mass with Fr Pasley at Mater. Deus, in adjutorium meum intende; Domine, ad adjuvandum me festina.

The ultimate lace alb, LOL.

My new old go-to grey hat, a 50-year-old Adam.

Shout-out to the AFAIK non-Communist People’s Store.

Got four go-tos, three dress, all 50 years old, grey, brown and black, and one new straw one (above).

Got hats?

Two 50-year-old Don Carter bowling bags, one for the most-used ball and one for the other gear.

I’m wearing my Chucks and my oxfords and wingtips are out of sight in the closet.

A real ’50s clock and a model ’40s car (’47 Cadillac Series 62).

Some of the work behind living half in the past. Got to keep all those white business shirts ironed.

Savioni in New Hope: like a trip to Milan.

It’s got men’s stuff on the ground floor, where I got the straw hat above.

Didn’t get this right now but got the picture. Click to enlarge.

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