Wednesday, September 28, 2011

‘The Playboy Club’ after two episodes

I still like it and not just for the obvious reason (I like the four stewardesses on ‘Pan Am’ better); there’s the other obvious reason and it does a pretty good job. Scab Joan’s hair is wrong some of the time; too 2010s.

Still hoping for the ‘Crime Story’ crossover (same network; why not if Michael Mann OKs it?). (Again, it’s scab Don, Joan and Peggy dropped into the ‘Crime Story’ noir world, same year, same city.)

A good observation from a regular here, written on Facebook, that applies to both of them and the show that started the trend:
I wonder sometimes if the ‘sex’ part (as in the ‘style, sex and storytelling’ I like without hipster irony or PC condescension) is anachronistic. Not the sexy, feminine women, of course, but the promiscuity.
Of course that’s part of Playboy (as are the little sermons about blacks’ plight and homosexuality; Playboy always wanted to look highbrow and hip) but yes.

So far ‘Pan Am’ not only wins at sexy, feminine women (the bunny thing is silly not sexy) but in the goosebumps ‘you are there (then)’ feeling.

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