Saturday, September 24, 2011

Reply to Daniel Nichols’ reply to George Weigel
Nothing personal but you’re all wet on this. Some things are wrong or impossible, like aiming bombs at civilians, artificial birth control and the ordination of women. Other non-negotiables are the goals of mercy and justice. The means to those ends – the form of government – are not doctrine. You can be a free-marketeer, monarchist, Francoist fascist, democratic socialist or theistic communist. You can be dead wrong. It’s all good. Real Catholics, like the Slavs and Italians I know and the Mexicans Arturo used to write about, don’t expect or want the Pope to tell them what to eat for breakfast. That’s EWTNish convert crap. It’s his opinion, like his not believing in limbo.

When distributists make products millions of people want to buy and that improve millions’ lives, we’ll talk.

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