Friday, September 09, 2011

Ron Paul highlights in debate
From Lew Rockwell’s Political Theatre

Also, Dom Armentano:
My suggestion: Ron should buy time (say 15 minutes) on a national tv network and deliver a major foreign policy address. This would allow him to logically lay out his (our) non-interventionist position and call for an end to all foreign wars. After all, this is the one issue that distinguishes Ron from the other Republicans and, obviously, from the White House. Moreover, the public is entirely fed up with the wars and will (in my view) support a candidate who makes a solid moral and economic case for “bringing the troops home.” I am aware that Ron has repeatedly made the argument I suggest; BUT it has been made in regional campaign speeches (this is a national issue with strong Independent support) or in these idiot debates where the message is fractured or ridiculed. Right message but wrong forum or medium. This can be corrected with a nationally televised talk.

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