Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Satoshi Kanazawa
Roissy linked to him today
  • On eHarmony and conservative churches. Partly true (why men join the Marines or Carla’s ‘this isn’t a religion for wimps’) but also condescending and partly false. I rarely use the suggestions things like Google ads and Amazon give me and love the infinite choices online and in stores. And there’s real traditional Catholic life, not necessarily trad life. The kind of thing (outlier Mexican stuff) Arturo Vasquez used to write about. High standards but the opposite of a regimented cult.
  • Stereotypes are such because they’re usually true.
  • On that note you often can judge on appearances. But not always. There’s the halo effect and sex appeal which grifters of course use, and sociopaths like Ted Bundy. Or the handsome candidate who looks like a dream lover or husband (how most women vote) couldn’t possibly be a liar/crook.

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