Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What is an Anglo-Catholic?
Thought of that again as the Catholic group at Good Shepherd became the Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman. In a way both they and the remaining parishioners claim the name. So is it somebody who more or less agrees with the Catholic Church, which were the parishioners 50 years ago and would be the leavers/converts heading into the ordinariates now, or somebody who thinks Anglicanism is Catholic, whatever it says? (Not the same as ‘thinks Anglicanism is really Catholicism so all other Anglicans are wrong’, the old position of the people who agreed with the church.) Which would be the liberal mainline high churchmen now, voting for things the Tractarians thought impossible to vote on, just as impossible as in Rome (or, it seems, in Orthodoxy). I’d say the Anglicans get the name like they keep their property. Historically the ACs happened to agree pretty much with the church; now they don’t, or the Tractarians were wrong about their denomination (they thought it wasn’t a denom) as Newman decided long ago. The converts are simply a kind of Catholic (national parishes with clout; 19th-century-to-mid-20th-century Rome with style and in English; patrimony).

Following that thinking, Christian Campbell’s fine blog should have another name but I’m not picking on him about it; his subhead explains things.

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