Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bosnia, Cyprus and Kosovo: America and Islamism in the Balkans
The New World Order powers that be, overt and covert, switch sides on Islamism when convenient: the terrorists are good guys when the NWO PTB are trying to bring part of Europe into submission; bad guys when the NWO PTB are trying to do the same in the US, even when the dictator, Qaddafi, did what he was told and gave up his WMD and terrorism, making him a sitting duck. (LRC: ‘Not good enough!’ His crimes? Doing business with the Chinese, being a non-fundamentalist, discussing gold money for Libya, and not praying to DC 5 times a day. Now the Chinese have been expelled, Libyan oil is the empire’s, fundie gangs are in power, and fiat money reigns.) Got that, kids? Fundies are bad guys when, p*ssed off about what we do in Palestine, they fly planes into buildings (most of the hijackers were Saudis but that country got away with it) but good guys when afterwards we give them Iraq and Libya. Eurasia has always been at war with Eastasia.

Like they don’t care about mainline Protestantism (shrinking minority of dopey old liberals they own and thus take for granted – nobody cares what their presiding moderators say about Iraq or Palestine even when it happens to be right... not peace Christians but a bunch of radical-chic hawks; war prez Obama owns them; they get to feel like they’re marching with MLK), I think they don’t care about Orthodoxy (relatively small, ethnically based traditional Catholicism but with no Pope and a weak magisterium). Except maybe in Russia, which of course is smart enough to keep its nukes so the West can’t directly push it around. (I’m not forgetting that Communism was worse than Nazism, but Russia was strong enough to have won WWII in Europe and is still strong. Now it’s not Communist and it’s cool to be Orthodox there.) In the Ukraine as part of the US’s covert continuing cold war on Russia, the American government supported the Orange Revolution and then-president Yushchenko’s schismatic church (a Henry VIII and Chinese Patriotic-like setup not part of the Orthodox communion, an opportunistic schism that wants to be the state church), which probably succeeded in mildly annoying Russia (Yushchenko’s long been out of power).

Turkey? No personal animosity (like about white Americans today re: American Indians, not their personal fault... Asia Minor’s been their home centuries longer than North America’s been ours) but historically I agree with the average Greek and Armenian. (They stole eastern Greece, that is, Asia Minor: Byzantium. Then when they turned secular in the ’20s, they ethnically cleansed it. Aristotle Onassis was a survivor as are the Pontic Greeks who settled near me here. Progress, or the 20th century was so much better with less religion.) That said, like the US in the 1800s wisely said about the Greek war of independence, not our fight. The only Turk I’m actually acquainted with is model-beautiful and married.

From Ad Orientem.

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