Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fleatiquing yesterday: the Greatest Generation
Found lots of WWII Army including AAF jackets and Navy sailors’ blue shirts with the sailor collar and white piping. (And some USAF uniforms too.) Tried on the Army jackets. Everything was a 34 through a 38 for 20-year-olds who grew up in the Depression. I’m 45 and wear a 42. Nice to know though that like Audie Murphy in this instance size didn’t matter or God didn’t make all men equal but Col. Colt did.

But I buy things I can wear. Wearing a uniform one didn’t earn isn’t on and I hate to see these things, pieces of history with rank, patches etc. men earned, worn with jeans as a joke or something.

Got a dark grey-green USMC scarf.

I know: war is bad, government-issued costume, etc. etc.

I’m not a pacifist. And because.

Thanks, guys.

Might get a leather flight jacket some day.

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