Monday, October 24, 2011

From LRC
  • The real Qaddafi.
  • Popes are for one world government? And I’m not, which has had mainliners who used to come here and well-meaning Catholic white knights compare me to Modernist dissenters and bloodthirsty neocons, which would surprise anybody who’s read this blog over nine years. Sorry, Charlie. Not heretical but not doctrine either. ‘Catholic social teaching’ opinion: sanctified welfare state run by enlightened rulers who are pro-life and pro-family values, keeping the greedy capitalists in line and making them share with the poor. A One World Government is always promoted as something to “improve” peace and prosperity for the world, i.e, it’s never about an elite few (the International Banksters and certain royal families) to enslave the rest of the world for their own personal megalomaniacal, sadistic pleasures.

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