Saturday, October 29, 2011

From RR
  • Well, next time I hear about how vets fight to protect our rights, I’ll remember the one they shot in the head for actually exercising them. David Waldman, via Twitter. Quote from Wendy McElroy.
  • The euthanasia of the saver. Given that the Fed’s official policy is to drive all interest rates to near zero, one may conclude that the Fed seeks to impoverish the widows, orphans, retired people, and all other financially untutored people who rely on interest earnings to support themselves in their old age or adversity. Can a crueller official policy be imagined, short of grinding up these unfortunate souls to make pet food or fertilizer? Might this sort of thing be part of the class war between whites the Anti-Gnostic and others like Steve Sailer talk about? The super-rich establishment left vs the small savings-and-loan so-cons in flyover country? (In this war non-Asian minorities are proxies/human shields the left uses – of course it doesn’t care about NAMs’ individual liberty like we do – or as some suggest the game plan is to exterminate the rival whites who don’t obey and have a grateful, dependent, compliant helot class replace them.)
  • OWS’ famous lack of focus. The group doesn’t bother to be specific and fails, moreover, to go after the main culprits, for example those in Washington who urged the banks to make borrowing easy. In 1992 Bill Clinton’s administration did, in fact, implore banks to do just that, through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for example. So why are these not the targets of OWS? Of course there is another little thing that’s odious about OWS. This is the use of the term “occupy.” That term is used to refer to what huge, imperialist countries do with some of their neighbors, namely, send in troops to occupy them, to run roughshod over them, and to raid and pilfer them good and hard. Mad-as-hell revolutionary potential for good turns out to be spoiled rich kids partying or something more sinister (‘More government! Now!’ The government’s their daddy, with the little turds waving Communist flags and trashing college libraries), the same reasons to hate the New Left 40+ years ago.
  • Marxists are good diagnosticians but terrible prescribers. Marx was ‘essentially correct’ in his theory of history and class analysis. His main mistake was his understanding of exploitation, which was based on a flawed understanding of the labor theory of value. As Hoppe argues, drawing on Rothbardian libertarian and Austrian insights, the only meaningful exploitation is aggression against private property. Once you understand exploitation in this light, a Marxian style class analysis and understanding of history makes sense.
  • Flat-tax this: regulations are the boot on hiring’s neck.
  • Finding believers in liberty in the strangest places. Another reason, besides pacifism being unworkable in our fallen world, not to be anti-military.
  • An Ike monument? Another Washington temple, only modern? I meh Ike. Of course you look at me and know I love the era he presided over, a peak of prosperity with the old values intact so people made the most of it and loved it. (Pat Buchanan came of age then and loves early rock.) Global Communism was a threat. But a monster we helped create by getting into WWII and then handing half of Catholic Europe to Uncle Joe at Yalta. (The excuse for the war was to liberate Poland, and Poland ended up captive, to an empire worse than the Nazis.) He was right about the danger of the military-industrial complex. But... I’m suspicious. He seems shadowy in a New World Order way. Why did most likely Marshall catapult him in WWII from colonel to General of the Army? Why did the GOP steal the nomination from a fine man who should have been president, Bob Taft, and draft him in ’52? Probably all part of the betrayal of the Old Right as exemplified by that Cold Warrior and CIA operative Bill Buckley, who beneath the veneer of Catholic orthodoxy (‘don’t immanentize the eschaton’ is true) preached the way to beat the Reds was, for the time being, become like them. Rothbard, Chodorov et al. didn’t buy it.

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