Monday, October 10, 2011

From Taki
  • Eminent domain and: Boomers love to pretend they created a black middle class, but blacks rose out of poverty in the 1940s when left to their own devices. They continued to grow wealthier in the 1960s’ urban-renewal boom, but at a drastically slower rate. By the 1970s, when urban renewal had become a fixture of American life, black poverty stopped declining. Every time the government moves in to save the poor from themselves, we see more crime, more teen pregnancy, and more riots.
  • In contrast to their predecessors, today’s newsreaders lack not merely gravitas and style, but maturity. Maybe the fragmenting of entertainment and news via television and the Internet into a million specially interested sites is a good thing, slowly eating away the false and stifling consensus of ages past. But there were standards that transcended opinion.

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