Tuesday, October 04, 2011

From Taki
  • Misguided lefty charity or Herman Cain doesn’t need your pity. Or are lefties just old-fashioned, paternalistic colonialists, and classical liberals/libertarians the defenders of black liberty? Cain seems to have done well without any of our help. I don’t dislike the man but he’s another pro-war Republican; I don’t care what race he is.
  • Blame the white girl: Amanda Knox.
  • Politico-teenyboppers. 99% wrong.
  • Gems from Charles Coulombe. I am a man of the right, so much so that for me the Nazis were simply brownshirted cousins of the enemy in Moscow. In American terms, my political sympathies tend to rest with such... movements... on the order of... the America First Committee. In terms of practical politics, my views have not been represented since the late lamented Senator Robert Taft left office.

    Chesterton’s dictum... the left is right about what is wrong but wrong about what is right. To put it in medical terms, their diagnosis of the illness is often as spot-on as their prescription is lethal. Their complaints about an oligarchic power structure that has little or no care about its subjects’ welfare? True. A burgeoning underclass without hope of betterment? Absolutely. Endless wars that are waged without any relation to their stated goals? Correct. Did the antiwar movement seem to vanish as soon as Obama occupied the White House? Yes, I noticed that, too.

    Granted, my solutions are radically different from theirs. Where they would hold that through some form of socialism or other, the oligarchy must be replaced with “real democracy,” I maintain that “democracy” is a chimera intended to deflect folk from realizing the simple truth about all human societies: They are inevitably run by oligarchies. But if such oligarchies are recognized for what they are and held accountable as such, they tend both to be more responsible and to operate more effectively. It also helps if their members think they will fry in hell forever if they misrule their subjects.

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