Saturday, October 15, 2011

McD’s fight: they asked for it
What Ad Orientem says

The libertarian non-aggression principle (not pacifism/non-violence but not starting fights) agrees with street smarts.
Far too many years ago when I was a fresh kid in the Navy I got some important tips from a salty old boatswain’s mate named Jimmy Sandsbury on how to survive a bar-room brawl. His first advice was to walk away if I could and run away if I had to. But if neither was possible he told me to deal ruthlessly with the first SOB who came at me. Go for the throat, the eyes and the family jewels. (He did not use the words “family jewels.”) His point was that a bar-room fight was not a boxing match and Marquis of Queensberry Rules do not apply. Once I had the aggressor down he told me to beat him, stomp him, and kick him until I was 300% sure that there was no possibility of him getting back up to resume hostilities, and that everyone in the room, including the bloody lump on the floor, understood exactly and without doubt who had just won and who had lost the fight and that the fight was now over.

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