Tuesday, October 11, 2011

  • Ordinariate liturgy. Fr Phillips is sympathetic to the idea of bringing back the old missals, which I want besides Tridentine and Pope Benedict’s improved English Novus Ordo as options. Don’t make up a new one and don’t try to bring back Sarum. Interestingly he gives an official reason why the old missals weren’t approved for the Pastoral Provision 30 years ago. Besides the general hostility to tradition, the anti-high churchmanship, after Vatican II (Thomas Day factor meets Modernism), the materials from outside the church had to have been official Anglican ones, which was crazy. (Dunderheaded ecumenism?) Why should the church care about official Anglican anything? (Except property rights, not a religious matter.) As Father notes, the whole point of the missals, which is why they weren’t Anglican-approved, is they are Catholic, with the Roman Rite as their source! Tweak the Cranmer here and there for the Americans like the Antiochians did, put imprimaturs on them and you’re good to go.
  • Fr Barnes at St Agatha’s, Portsmouth. More or less what the ordinariates should look like: 19th-century Roman Catholicism on steroids. Again like Fr Phillips’ point about liturgy, it’s not Anglicanism but something some Anglicans invented some time ago entirely meant to be compatible not with Anglicanism but with the church, and it is.
  • Not just convert priests: the English-Welsh ordinariate has a seminarian with plans for more.
  • St Luke’s, Bladensburg is now in the church. An ordinariate in the making but no American ordinary yet.

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