Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pope Benedict’s renewal is reaching the parishes but...
Work-video shoot today so I did what Catholics have done for 40 years, walking to the earliest, lowest Novus Ordo (Our Lady of Lourdes took away the first-thing Tridentine Low Mass to make the Sung Mass Tridentine), at the not-too-wreckovated 100-year-old parish church, and was pleasantly surprised. The altar has a Pope Benedict arrangement of crucifix and candles, and the priest got a pre-Vatican II Gothic chasuble out of mothballs. The residual liberal thing, an older lady serving, was in either an alb or white choir robe. (Some people have been trying to soft-sell women’s ordination like that for 40 years. It’s self-limiting because the mind and heart of the church say no.) When the new translations come in starting on Advent I it’ll be fine.

The private schools run by religious orders are in the ’70s (when Father ad-libbed the Ecce Agnus Dei I wanted to heckle ‘Just read the &#@* book!’, and when ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth’ started I wished Donna were there so we could have tried waltzing to it) but... the teenagers are bowing before receiving. In-the-hand is still epidemic though.

The Pope’s got his work cut out for him.

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